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Paths towards Certificates and Degrees

 CERTIFICATE and DEGREE PROGRAMS:  There are four main PROGRAMS Offered by XIXI Success Academy Worldwide. that you can pursue according to your specific interest and goals. Each PROGRAM can lead you to Financial INDEPENDENCE and PASS-I-ON/LEGACY success as well as becoming a world change agent toward creating a more inclusive, compassionate, generous, and loving world for all human beings Credit Hours Needed: Required Courses 4 credit hour/Elective Courses 2 credit hours ; Each semester student are offered four required courses and must select 2 electives. Total Credit hours earned will result in the following: Successful completion of  80 credit hours- Certificate; 160 credit hours- Associate Degree; 240 credit hours-Specialist Certificate; 320 credit hours Bachelor Degree. Business and Finance is a program designed for those students who are in business or want to start a business (Brick and mortar or virtual), a non-profit organization or a new program within an organization. Personal Development/Life Coach is for those persons who wish to work on themselves first and then with coaching clients to help them make improvements in their lives and move out of their stuck states. Spiritual Leadership This program is designed to equip you to serve as an effective spiritual leader as well as coach other spiritual leaders. Trading for Success is a program that helps you develop financial market trading skills and expertise in the various financial markets, from traditional investments like stocks and bonds to the emerging markets of crypto, NFTs, and the like.  


January 3


January 3, 2024

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