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The Mini Mind: Mastering the Mind for Success

Master Your Mind Series Program – Level ONE – MM101

This introductory course will prepare students to successfully mastermind by getting their mind ready to achieve success. Students will be introduced to the core principles of personal development  so that once they master themselves, they will be able to apply their new mindset to contributing and receiving the gifts of the mastermind. Taking a holistic approach to wholeness, the core concepts of personal development such as illusion of time, forgiveness, letting go and the importance of self-love will be introduced, discussed, and practiced. The concept of the mastermind will be introduced, and the importance of self-awareness will be stressed as a precursor to being a mastermind participant. This course will also examine the mastermind from a procedural and systemic perspective so that students know what to expect and how to participate. Major topics such as understanding the purpose of the mastermind, creating a worthy goal, applying what you know, and analyzing and evaluating shared information will also be discussed. Students will learn the practical aspect of the mastermind and communication skills to enhance the process. Through understanding the self, the student will be able to take part in the mastermind as a contributing member so the mastermind will be a rewarding experience for all participants. Students will learn to establish their own expectations and set goals to move themselves forward. On completion of this first level course, successful students are ready to mastermind in a meaningful way.

Weeks 1-4 1.0 Personal Development 1.1 Explore the key Mindset components that are essential to finding your life purpose. 1.1.1 Developing Your Wholeness 1.1.2 Discuss passion and turning passion into action. 1.2 Analyzing the 3Ps of Time (Past, Present, Future) 1.2.1 Practice the Art of Forgiveness and Letting Go 1.3 Discover the importance of Self-Love to success. 1.4 Creating an Attitude of Worthiness Weeks 5-7 2.0 Goal Setting 2.1 Learn to create a goal that gets you what you want 2.2 Integrating the “The Why Factor” 2.3 Understanding The Worthy ‘I’ Deal Weeks 8-10 3.0 The Mastermind 3.1 Create and utilize the Mastermind Tools 3.1.1 Write Affirmations that Work 3.1.2 Practice Visualization to enhance your goal 3.1.3 Discover the power of Gratitude 3.2 Learn to Enhance Process and Participation 3.2.1 Describe the mastermind process 3.2.2 Explain participation for success 3.2.3 Discover communication tools that enhance motivation Week Eleven 4.0 Three-Dimensional Evaluation 4.1 Discuss Evaluation for the purpose of awareness 4.2 Learn how to optimize criticism for learning 4.3 Participate in a Self, Peer, and Leader review Instructor: Professor Sheila Trask
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December 18, 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am
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Sheila Trask

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