“Blessings Are in the Lessons”


Course Syllabus for The Calling of My Soul The Blessings come from the lessons that we learn in life, from experiences, good and bad, and from learning vicariously through others. This course promises to bring you real-life experiences that demonstrate the truth of the teachings you will experience. This series, filled with lessons from a variety of sources, includes the work of Professor Trask. This semester the Blessings will come from The Calling of My Soul, where the professor will demonstrate the principles of higher living through the life of Nurse Sheila Bryne, an extraordinary woman who influenced the lives of many while servicing others. You will learn how making small adjustments in how you live will maximize your impact on others. Whether you feel stuck, want to kick-start your goals, or become an influencer, you will learn to think like an inspiring person and live your life on purpose. Tap into your inner wisdom as you realize that everything you need to create change in your life is already in you, just waiting to be awakened. Weeks 1- 11 1. Tapping into Your Instincts 1.1. Explore instinctual cues 2. Finding Your Calling 2.1. Define Calling 2.2. Discover ways to uncover your passion 3. Faith vs Fear 3.1. Compare and Contrast Faith and Fear 3.2. Apply faith to a new way of thinking 4. Your Mind is a Garden 4.1. Learn to plant seeds 4.2. Understand the concept of seasons 4.3. Explain Sowing what you Reap 5. Creating a Legacy of Happiness 5.1. Learn to be happy no matter what happens 5.2. Apply desire to expectancy 5.3. Create ways to leave a legacy of happiness 6. Love is an Action Word 6.1. Explore the concept of love 6.2. Practice putting love into action 6.3. Creating talents out of needs 6.4....

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