Building Relationships Through God

Apostle Dr. Angela J. Holmes was born and raised in the city of Chicago. She graduated from Bethune Cookman College, where she majored in Business Administration and minored in Music. In 2001, she received her Evangelist license and has been ministering through the power of the Holy Spirit in Chicago and surrounding areas. IN 2004, she became the Founder and Sr. Pastor of Outreach Fellowship Christian Center Elgin, IL. Apostle Dr. Holmes authored the book A Woman Soldier Leader being released in 2022. Passion Projects founded by Apostle Dr. Holmes: Apostle Holmes Cafe, "Gaining Wisdom" Through God's Word, the President and CEO of MAC Ministries (Making A Change) where she helps those who have been incarcerated to get back in to society and become productive citizens in their neighborhoods. Empowering women spiritually, naturally and universally to be better equipped to handle life extremities through Northwest Christian Women's Inc. "Confessions of the Soul", a program to prevent domestic violence against women.   Meeting ID: 863 8360 0242 Passcode: Social

W.O.W. “Women of Wonder”


The Women of Wonder is a gathering place for women ages 18 and up to gather and swap stories of life's accomplishments and hardships. Be prepared to cheer, to cry,  and to glow as journeys meld together women from all walks of life. This is an open discussion format with a weekly speaker. Denise Wilson, facilitator, grew up in the South trusting that her lord and savior, Jesus, had a plan for her life. As a young teen, she learned that plan was not going to me smooth and easy, but filled with choices, questions, and tests that have led her to a deeper faith in Christ. She has a passion to reach those that are society's "least of these", and bring them hope through her passion project "The LOT". Lolitha Terry, author of P5 Blessings, From Pain to Peace, Purpose, Prosperity and Power! and single mother, knows that through the years and experiences of life, God always shows her the blessings in everything including pain.   ZOOM    ID: 854 0270 1850   Passcode: SUCCESS

Learn with Z

In this course, the student wll submerge themselves in a world of art which will help them to expand their passions and navigate throughout life via expression. This interactive online class will introduce the elements and principles of art as well as how to apply them through various are mediums, both physical and digital. Having always been drawn to art and expression, Zaman Meshksar excelled in her class at a college preparatory charter school. She took all art classes possible, including Advanced Placement programs in 2D and 3D art mediums. She later expanded her knowledge in visual arts during her study at the University of Minnesota and practiced her craft in multiple mediums including ceramic, wood, mixed media, glass, drawing, painting and more. ZOOM ID: 825 544 3016 Passcode: Kids/LIT


First Sunday of every month, the adult men of XIXI NOW spend time via Zoom mentoring young adult men, teens, and young boys on various topics and life situations that they may encounter during this life's journey. All mentors and mentees will benefit from: Establishing productive relationships Fostering relationship growth Creating open, comfortable, and honest dialogue Receiving feedback from accountability partners ZOOM ID: 854 0270 1850 Passcode: SUCCESS