Mindpower 101


Introductory course for Personal Development to equip students with the essentials for a successful journey. Topics include: effective goal setting understanding of the impact of mental programming on habits and results the power of gratitude the power of repetition persistence and decision introduction to self image and goal achieving laws of success the process of transitioning fear into faith the impact of personal story on results Format: coaching, questions Required Zoom Meeting ID: 893 9613 2644      Passcode: MINDPOWER Dr. Ed Wheeler

15 Invaluable Laws of Growth with Bishop Dr. Perry Austin

Team Building Skills Dr. Perry L. Austin is a Veteran of the United States Army and a native of Bridgeport, Conn. He has over 26 years of experience in small business, community awareness, leadership, spiritual and personal development.Dr. Austin owns a small business consulting firm, name AE Consultants. His mission is to develop productive teams in the marketplace by educating leaders to focus on being relational rather than transactional in their business practices. Dr. Austin has served on many community boards as a voice for the people. He served with the NAACP, WIB (Work Investment Board), and The Life Of Christ Foundation of New Jersey, advisor on the medical board for Bryant and Stratton college, Virginia Housing Community and Development Corporation as economic development chairman. Presently he is serving the Chrisitan Business Coalition of Hampton Roads Virginia as their Chaplain.

Socially Sound Tuesday


XIXI NOW, LLC was founded by CEO, Dr. TV Wilson in February 2017 and then recreated and relaunched in January 2021. The new organized XIXI NOW includes an educational platform which thrives on the students' success with wholeness and empowerment and the success of their passion projects. Invite guests to this one hour overview of Success Academy Worldwide's vison, mission, product, 5 pillars of success, educational classes, and business opportunity. Hosted by Dean Dr. Kimberly Austin. ZOOM ID: 854 0270 1850  Passcode: SUCCESS

Blockchain for Blockheads


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are powered by a technology called the blockchain. Come find out why you need to know about blockchain, how it will impact your future, and what role it can play in your financial portfolio. Taught by Professor Keith Dalton. Required for Buisness/Finance Path Meeting ID: 854 0270 1850 Passcode: SUCCESS

Forex Tutoring for Beginners


Taught by Professor Yvette Mitchell Required Business/Financial Path Zoom Meeting ID: 854 0270 1850  Passcode: SUCCESS

W.O.W. “Women of Wonder”


The Women of Wonder is a gathering place for women ages 18 and up to gather and swap stories of life's accomplishments and hardships. Be prepared to cheer, to cry,  and to glow as journeys meld together women from all walks of life. This is an open discussion format with a weekly speaker. Denise Wilson, facilitator, grew up in the South trusting that her lord and savior, Jesus, had a plan for her life. As a young teen, she learned that plan was not going to me smooth and easy, but filled with choices, questions, and tests that have led her to a deeper faith in Christ. She has a passion to reach those that are society's "least of these" and bring them hope through her passion project "The LOT". Dr Angela Holmes, Senior Vice-President of XIXI NOW co-hosts this program. ZOOM    ID: 854 0270 1850   Passcode: SUCCESS Clubhouse: XIXI NOW SUCCESS ACADEMY WORLDWIDE

The Xcellence Within


Taught by the Dean of the Social Department, Dr. Kimberly Austin. Zoom Meeting ID: 854 0270 1850 Passcode: Success