HART 2 HEART SALT (Seniors Are Living Testimonies) TEAM


This freemium class is led by Mrs. Ora Hart. The focus of this class is on the heart of women and men. Discussion style format allows the participants to share their life experiences, gain insight from other women and men, and change the culture of our world towards women and men over the age of 60.   Zoom Meeting ID: 854 0270 1850  Passcode: SUCCESS Clubhouse: XIXI SUCCESS ACADEMY WORLDWIDE


Rediscovering the Kingdom


Taught by Dr William Shields. Zoom Meeting ID: 854 0270 1850  Passcode: SUCCESS  

The Art of Conversation and Communication

Empowering Your Voice Our voice is our most powerful tool. Whether you are interested in becoming a speaker, or you want to be more memorable in the work you are already doing, empowering your voice is a great way to up level your impact. Right now, our world has gone virtual in so many ways, it has become a part of life that is likely here to stay. By speaking powerfully live or virtual. You can deliver a life-changing messages to people all over the world. Designed for beginners and more experienced speakers who want to engage audiences and share a powerful message. This course can transform you into a more confident speaker who is not afraid to speak up or take the stage. In this course I will train you how to: Overcoming stage fright and/or being camera shy so you can be more present with your audience. Finding what makes you unique and memorable Applying techniques that up level you’re speaking and your ability to move audiences. Through this 8 week course you will grow comfortable with your public presence, define your own unique message and learn how to make a lasting impression. Your voice and your message matters!! author, Rose Jenkins Zoom Meeting ID: 854 270 1850  Passcode: SUCCESS

Mind, Body, and Soul


Taught by Terry deAragon Zoom: Meeting ID: 869 4762 5769 Passcode: MINDPOWER

Business 101

Taught by Professor Alletta Parris-Olday Required for Business/Financial Path Zoom Meeting ID: 820 2861 2089  Passcode: Financial

Passion Project Development


Taught by Professor Yvette Mitchell Required for Personal Development Path Zoom: Meeting ID:  854 0270 1850    Passcode: SUCCESS

New Student Orientation


All new students are required to attend. Taught by President Dr. Perry Austin. ZOOM Meeting ID:  854 0270 1850  Passcode: SUCCESS

Money Making Monday


Financial Department Spotlight: This is an excellent class for non-student members to attend. Participants will learn the vision, mission, overview of XIXI NOW Success Academy Worldwide and its founder and CEO, Dr. TV Wilson. Hear from current students and learn about their passion projects. Everyone is invited to participate in their own rescue. Led by Financial Dean Professor Keith Dalton. Required ZOOM Meeting ID:854 0270 1850  Passcode: SUCCESS

Tenacious Tuesday


Every Tuesday! Free Inspirational Class! ZOOM ID: 854 0270 0270 Passcode: SUCCESS Clubhouse: XIXINOW SUCCESS ACADEMY WORLDWIDE

Wholeness Empowerment Leadership


Leadership Training conducted by CEO, Dr. TV Wilson and the dean of the mental department, Dr. Ed Wheeler. This class is intended for leaders and those who are learning how to lead. Dr. TV Wilson began leadership training when he was a young boy in Selma, AL., at his local church and in his high school ROTC. He received a Congressional nomination from Alabama's then Congressman Richard Shelby to the United States Air Force Academy. Captain Wilson, navigated KC-1135s, was Commander over Morale and Well-fare, before exiting the military. As an ordained minister, his church was awarded, "The fastest growing church" in West Texas. After realizing the limitations of owning traditional businesses, Terrence V. Wilson, pursued other non-traditional ventures and lead over three dozen individuals to millionaire status as he achieved the same millionaire status on three separate occasions. Today, Dr. TV Wilson is following the vision given to him by God, to be the founder of his own company and lead 1,000s of others pursue their passion projects as they gain wholeness empowerment. Dr. Ed Wheeler, Required ZOOM ID: 854 0270 1850 Passcode: SUCCESS