Whip’em in Shape Wednesday

XIXI NOW, LLC was founded by CEO, Dr. TV Wilson in February 2017 and then recreated and relaunched in January 2021. The new organized XIXI NOW includes an educational platform which thrives on the students' success with wholeness and empowerment and the success of their passion projects. Invite guests to this one hour overview of Success Academy Worldwide's vison, mission, product, 5 pillars of success, educational classes, and business opportunity. Hosted by Bill Underwood and Vice-President of Operations Shelley Ibarra. ZOOM ID: 854 0270 1850  Passcode: SUCCESS

Eliminating Negativity


Learn how to eliminate negativity from you life, change negative thoughts and situations into positive. Growing your mindset can help you eliminate negativity in all areas of your life We will work through sabotaging behavior, negative voices in your head, and the influence of those around you. We will do exercises together to change your mindset and stop negativity from rising in you. You will leave this class with tolls and knowledge to eliminate negativity from your life. What is negativity? How your circle negatively influences you? How is your negative behavior sabotaging you? The negative voice in your head. Turning negativity into positivity. How to stop negativity from rising inside you. Instructor: Aimey Giacinto is a growth mindset coach. Aimey helps women get out of their own way, find their voice, and take action in their lives. She aspires to make a difference and inspire all those she comes in contact with. ZOOM ID: 854 0270 1850       Passcode: SUCCESS

“Blessings Are in the Lessons”


GET A GRATITUDE ATTITUDE AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Learn how to see the blessings in every day situations with the author of The Gratitude Attitude: Life Lessons from the Field, Sheila Trask.  You will be amazed at how a little change in attitude can bring a lot of changes to your life. Enhance your relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, and most importantly, yourself. Learn what to look for, what to do once you find it, and most importantly how to maintain the Gratitude Attitude so that your life not only changes for one moment, or one day, but changes for a lifetime. This semester will concentrate on finding gratitude. Materials:  The Gratitude Attitude: Life Lessons from the Field and journal by Sheila Trask (optional) download Sheila Trask is a professor at the College of the North Atlantic, born in Stephenville, NL, Canada and has one grown son, Jacob Vaughn Trask. She earned a Diploma of Applied Arts in Community Studies and Project Management, a degree in sociology and psychology from Memorial University of Newfoundland Masters Degree in Sociology.  As a lifelong learner, Sheila Trask obtained many certifications in human development, leadership management, and crisis management, including suicide intervention. She studied with Dr. Joe Vitale, receiving certifications in mastering self-esteem building for adults and children,  obtained a coaching certification with the Canadian Federation of Coaches and then studied with Bob Proctor of Proctor Gallagher Institute.  After attending The Matrixx Program, which is a week-long program for ultimate goal and achievement transformation, Sheila became a consultant with PGI for their Internationally acclaimed coaching program Thinking into Results. To fulfill her lifelong goal of becoming an author, she studied with Peggy McColl completing several of her writing programs, promoting, and selling books.  Sheila developed the Life Lessons from the Field series. Teaching,...

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Alphabet Soup


ZOOM ID: 825 0873 5913 Passcode: Soup

Learn with Z

In this course, the student wll submerge themselves in a world of art which will help them to expand their passions and navigate throughout life via expression. This interactive online class will introduce the elements and principles of art as well as how to apply them through various are mediums, both physical and digital. Having always been drawn to art and expression, Zaman Meshksar excelled in her class at a college preparatory charter school. She took all art classes possible, including Advanced Placement programs in 2D and 3D art mediums. She later expanded her knowledge in visual arts during her study at the University of Minnesota and practiced her craft in multiple mediums including ceramic, wood, mixed media, glass, drawing, painting and more. ZOOM ID: 825 544 3016 Passcode: Kids/LIT

Infinite Possibilites- Learn How to Guarantee Your Success

By understanding and applying unfailing Universal Principles in our lives- we can be, do and have whatever we desire. We will have a whole lot of fun and be lighthearted as we move toward being and doing and having what we want. You will receive tools and formulas to use in your life to break through to a happier, healthier and more complete YOU. Topics include: Introduction Thoughts Beliefs Emotions Taking actions Creative Mind and Mind Power Self Image Mindpower Rules Fear-Confidence-Faith-The Triad of Progress Change your story, change your life Review for exam Exam   John Kristjanson   ZOOM: 894 5354 0105        Passcode: Freedom

“Rise and Shine” Stretches with “Spunky”

Facebok Live

Wake up and stretch! Facebook Live Morning stretching exercises that get your day started with positive affirmations. This class is intended for all exercise levels. No equipment required. Exercises can be performed in a chair or standing up. Natalie "Spunky" Rimel is a certified exercise trainer. Please consult your physician before attempting any exercise programs. XIXI NOW, LLC nor it's exercise trainers will not be responsible for irresponsible behaviors exhibited by the participants. Facebook: Natalie Rimel

Forever Young Yoga


Forever Young Yoga offers students a warm embrace and a place to nourish and claim the outer beauty while gaining inner peace. Every journey begins with a first step to remain Forever Young. We start with beginner yoga, gentle stretching, slow and control movements to balance the nervous system and optimize brain function. Yoga provides ample opportunity to process thought, focus on the breathe and linking our breathe with physical movement. Any time is the perfect time of year to start and focus on goals for yourself. Yoga instructor, Lisa White, has been very passionate about living an active holistic lifestyle for 15 years. She loves anything nature. Walking, hiking, cycling, gardening and of course patio yoga. She also loves travelling especially for yoga retreats. She is passionate about health and fitness but most recently she has become passionate about wholeness empowerment marketing. "I love the challenges it brings and the excitement I feel talking to people and helping them feel better about their lives." Lisa became a certified 200 hour yoga and meditation instructor in 2019 and started teaching January 2020. Zoom  ID: 854 0270 1850  Passcode: SUCCESS