Next Level Mindset-11 Lessons for Creating an Extraordinary Life

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Next Level Mindset-11 Lessons for Creating an Extraordinary Life

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Instructor- Dr. Edward Wheeler - Dean of Mind Power Department XIXI NOW - Success Academy Worldwide

Date/ Time - Wednesdays at 10am Eastern Time beginning January 4th. Location - Zoom - Meeting ID: 893 9613 2644 Passcode: MIND

Course Description:

  • Next Level Mindset consists of Instruction and Application of 11 Advanced Mindset Principles
  • The course is 11 Weeks Long and will include quizzes and exercises to evaluate progress and proficiency.
  • Attendance and Submission of Course Work are required to receive certification.
  • Each Weeks Module includes an opportunity for Personal Masterminding and discussion around applying the teaching principles in your life.

Module 1- Identity- Understanding and Evolving Who You THINK You Are.

Module 2- Focus- How to Create Extraordinary Focus for Your Life.

Module 3- Persistence - The Power of Staying In the Game

Module 4- Time- 5 Principles for Evolving your Relationship with Time

Module 5- Expectation - The Essentials of Emotional Intelligence and Expectation

Module 6- Association - How to Create Your Personal Inner Circle

Module 7- Possibility - HOW to Think and DO Prosperity

Module 8- Questions - The ART of Asking and Answering the Right Questions

Module 9- Standards- The KEY to Reaching YOUR Next Level

Module 10- Rules- The Impact of Culture in Your Life

Module 11- Leadership- 11 Next Level Leadership Principles






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